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Public Intellectual

Jun 29, 2020

While many cities and states offered protection from evictions during the beginning months of the pandemic, many of those protections have expired and people are losing their houses. Tara Raghuveer of KC Tenants speaks to Jessa about making housing the central issue for all local government, about the tenant bill...

Jun 22, 2020

I know, we're all against voting and progress through elections right now, but the triumph of Brandon Scott over Sheila Dixon and assorted other neoliberal powerbrokers in Baltimore is potentially significant. I'm re-releasing the conversation I had with Brandon Scott before he announced he was running for mayor, about...

Jun 15, 2020

What does a fully inclusive city look like? With issues like policing, housing, child care, surveillance, and education in the news, due to the uprising and the pandemic, Leslie Kern and I consider what a city that is built for the use of all people -- not just the professional class -- could look like.

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Jun 8, 2020

Frank A von Hippel takes us through the surprising relationship of disease and war, from how the treatment of malaria facilitated colonialism, how weapons against disease carrying pests were used against human beings in war and riot, the development of tear gas, and the coming insect apocalypse. 

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